Bentley Burns
Find out all about Bentley Burns, Magician and Illusionist, and his show

Whether you are still in lockdown or still hesitant to have students gather for a live show you should still get to have an engaging fun show! Let’s face it. We are in strange times and everyone could use some fun and laughter but cautiously. That’s why I have come up with your solution…Bentley Burns presents: Virtually No Camera Tricks! College Edition!

Your college can have a virtual magic show! Think about it! Everyone is at their own dorm/home safe and sound but enjoying a high energy show with magic and jokes where your students get to be the stars! No college should feel left out and not have a fun shows for their students because of unusual circumstances. You’ll be the hero when you tell them that they get to participate in a magic show VIRTUALLY in the comfort of their own dorm/home.

The magic will happen THROUGH THE SCREEN! Imagine as your students perform the magic IN THEIR OWN ROOM! These are different times…time for different ideas! My virtual magic show will be the perfect solution to an unfortunate time in our lives!



here’s the scoop

The Man, The Magic,
and the Myth

Hailed as “the new generation of magic” Bentley has been astonishing audiences for over 13 years. His fresh and modern approach to magic has made him unique in the industry.

Bentley was always interested in magic especially at the age of 5 when he saw David Copperfield perform. 7 years later Bentley went to a magic shop and was hooked from then on. His background in theater helped mold him as a performer and took his magic to the next level.

Now 28 Bentley has been seen on television and performs all over the country with his hilarious award winning  show. He has sold out theaters and performs at colleges and universities sharing his love of magic. It’s no wonder why his fellow magicians voted him the 1st place winner in 2009.

Born in Mississippi, near the birth place of Rock and Roll and Elvis Presley Bentley began his journey. He fell in love with theater and acting but later found he belonged in the world of magic. Today, Bentley has 5 awards in magic and has one goal in life…to entertain and amaze everyone who crosses his path.


What Bentley Does Best

Clean Comedy

Bentley’s show is appropriate for all college students. There’s not even a hint of innuendo in his show! What does this mean for you and your students? It means that you don’t have to worry about any vulgar language or your students feeling uncomfortable.

All Purpose

Whether you need a stage show for family night, close up magic to perform for students around campus, or a host for a talent night Bentley can do any of this! His engaging personality and amazing magic makes it a no brainer!

Award Winning

We get it! You want a show that is proven to be a success. Bentley was voted among his peers as the winner of the Society of Memphis Magicians competition!

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