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He Can Do it All

Since 2006, Bentley has been astonishing audiences all over the country. With his unique brand of clean comedy and wit, Bentley knows what it takes to entertain your events. Bentley’s fresh approach to magic will have everyone loving the show.  He’s not like a lot of magicians in that he doesn’t wear a tuxedo nor cheesy. With his southern charm and “guy next door” personality you’ll see why Bentley is known as “The Nice Guy of Magic!” He won’t embarrass his audience nor will he bore you to death. Bentley knows how to do one thing very well and that is to entertain his audiences!

Talent Shows

Bentley can emcee and/or judge your talent nights and add a little magic in between segments!

College Campus Events

Bring some magic to your college campus by hiring Bentley Burns, Clean Comedic College Entertainer, for your next event.

Stage Shows

Award Winning Magician, Bentley offers a show for everyone at your campus. From having volunteers as the stars of the show to his unique off the cuff witty HUMOR Bentley’s show will be the highlight of your events. Bentley’s style of magic is MODERN which means you are not going to see a top hat magician pulling rabbits out of hats. What you will see is drawings come to life and tables floating in air!  You’ll be on stage where you’ll have your mind read and experience the magic up close! His show is one you’ll remember as you become part of the fun!

Close Up Shows

Bentley’s close up show is great for those who want to witness the magic right in front of their faces. You’ll have coins jumping from YOUR hands to his and cards will change color as YOU hold them. His unique personality combined with close up sleight of hand magic will amaze as you see the magic from just a FEW INCHES away. You won’t believe what you see even that close up. This is perfect for colleges, weddings, and corporate events.

Hosting Events

Do you need a great host for your next event? Let Bentley Burns bring the house down with his award winning performance.

Family Night

Bentley is all about keeping it clean with his comedy magic! Great show for the whole family!

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